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Demand for Event Planning

Demand for Event Planning

While it is not in the spotlight of jobs, event planning is a very difficult and tedious profession. It requires more than one thing to consider, such as the number of items needed for a particular place, what can go wrong, the time in which an event takes place, the money needed to be spent and so much more. Therefore, there are not many willing to take this job. It is more than not rather stressful and requires marginal room for error. Moreover, those who hold the event planning occupation often have little help, tending to be the only people to pull strings by themselves, often with little to no help whatsoever.

In the United States, event planning as an occupation will rise in demand in the next 10 years by 8 percent. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, event planning is the predicted career that every single entity, business or otherwise, will be in dire need of. This excessive need will continuously grow, resulting in an increase in wages for all event planners. While the call of event planning may be high in demand, by no means will a large number looking for work be joining this field. Working tirelessly, under stressful conditions, can lead to becoming overwhelmed, demotivated, and depressed.

Secretaries of business owners and assistants

Since the beginning of the Modern Era, planning was more difficult than it is today. Planning for events had been special jobs designated to assistants of rulers but without any technology, so organizing these particular events took much longer than it would have today. With such technological advancements that have been made and continue to progress with time, event planners have had a much easier time regarding planning. Still, event planners still have a difficult time putting events together despite every piece of technological entities they have at their disposal.

Secretaries of business owners and assistants of world leaders have their set of event planners. These leaders and important figures have no room for error. Consequently, they use as many of those employed under the umbrella of event planning for a single task. The event planners are responsible for nearly everything that takes place in a setting. They manage the people are coming, what time they will be coming, and how things should be situated all while making little to no mistakes.

There is a list of positives

Event planning is fairly important, especially seeing as it can go very wrong based on a few simple mistakes. In addition to this, the pay is not ideal in the slightest. To put things into perspective, public school teachers get paid roughly around $60,000 to $75,000 maximum in a year. The average event planner is paid $48,000 annually, which is significantly lower than a school teacher who does less work under less stress and pressure. In some cases, if so much as a single aspect of an event is left out, it can defeat the entire purpose of the event, making it completely ruined.

There is a list of positives to go with this job, possibly more than the negatives. As an event planner, you would be able to travel without paying from your pocket, in some cases. You would also be able to get connections to other companies or businesses that may give bonuses for all the hard work, planning, and organizing that went into putting everything together. The bonuses you may receive in an annual year may add up to more than most common jobs, but this is not always the case.

Demand for Event Planning

Among all occupations, being an event planner is quite crucial and important work. This necessity and need for event planning will only increase as time goes on, more quickly than any occupation worldwide. Regardless of whether or not there is a demand for it, as there certainly is, it is a matter of who will want to do it. Event planning is arguably the most difficult and stressful jobs to date.

The demand for event planning is more than any other job around to date. There may be a demand for English teachers or other languages, but event planning surpasses this by far. With all the aforementioned reasons and explanations, it becomes evident as to why the need for this profession is not only important but entirely essential.